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Better Living Concepts

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Development Process

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‚ÄčDevelopment Process 2004-2016

As soon as we assumed stewardship for the planning and development of BuckRidge Community, we committed ourselves to developing an urban interface neighborhood that would be a model for how people can integrate their homes with the natural features and topography. We have worked to develop a layout of roads and trails that will create spaces that enhance the functional and aesthetic value of every home and feature on the ridge.  Social capital is produced through a long-term investment in the land and the people who live on that land.  How we integrate our open space with our living space is a prime driving force in our vision for a special neighborhood of connectedness and shared values.

Our first responsibility was to restore the land and commit to the open space necessary to protect the natural features of this ridge that forms the southern boundary of Upper Klamath Lake.  Geographically this ridge represents the junction of three elements.  BuckRidge is where the water meets the mountains and the mountains meet the sky.  Earth, wind and water converge here to create a special ecosystem and opportunity for families to build a unique home environment and develop a sustainable, healthy neighborhood.

Key Phases of Development Were:

  • Access and Restoration
  • Recreation and Connectivity
  • Perfect Positioning